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letters to the earth



I am a performance artist. Creating spoken word poetry with movement; embodying the language of connection. I investigate how we sustain our relationships as humans, creating forces to reach each other and translate our shared identities. Our interconnected communities extend to local landscapes and the planet as a whole. I create immersive encounters which help audience(s) connect to the wider world. I navigate the language of cities with durational walking and running, challenging our behaviour in public spaces and questioning what society expects us to perform. I choreograph rural spaces through wild swimming, analogue photography, writing and recorded conversation with friends to search for rhythms of living. By overlapping the patterns of our habits and rituals we find shared pathways. Would you care to join me in building a temporary community?


Degree Show 2023 at Gray's School of Art

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come for a dip

see if you can swim,

with me.

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